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    Online Banking

    Go to the bank without going to the bank. Online banking is fast, free, and easy. Not only does it save you time, it saves you money on postage by using online bill pay.

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  • Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit

    Use direct deposit of your regular income to save yourself trips to the bank and as a method to help you build your savings. You can split deposits into multiple accounts.

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Bill Pay & Popmoney

Bill Pay & Popmoney

With CNBanywhere Bill Pay & Popmoney, you can send money to nearly anyone anywhere.

Paying bills is never fun, but doing it online is faster, easier and saves you money. Bill Pay is quicker and easier than writing and mailing a paper check, and you can avoid late fees by scheduling onetime or recurring payments from your account.

Popmoney – This is a secure, safe, and convenient way to send or receive money from your account to just about anyone with an email address or mobile number.

Popmoney: 3 Easy Steps

1. Send to recipient's email or mobile number.

2. Recipient gets notified.

3. Done! Money goes directly to the recipient's bank account.

Bill Pay

• Save money on postage stamps

• Schedule payments in advance

• Transfer money to and from your CNB account to an account at another financial institution

• Send an Overnight Check

• Make Same day payments

• Reduce the time it takes to manage bills

• Pay all bills through one easy screen

• Payee info stored for easy future use

• Schedule payments in advance

• Set up recurring payments

• Easier to track and review bill payments

• Secure 24/7 access from any computer with an Internet connection


• Send money securely

• Request money in a snap

• Transfers are direct from one account to another, with no middle man!

• Set up recurring payments

• Manage your contacts

• Track and review payments history

• Secure 24/7 access from any computer with an Internet connection