• Credit Builder

    Credit Builder

    Let a CNB Credit Card work for you and enjoy the benefits from a world class Rewards Program.

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  • Personal Loans

    Personal Loans

    Local decision-making creates a smoother loan process that's more fair to you. Nothing beats a face-to-face relationship with a community-minded banker.

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  • Auto Loans

    Auto Loans

    Get in the fast lane for approval on your auto loan for new and used vehicles. Get up to 80% financing with competitive rates. Refinancing for lower rates also available.

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  • Private Reserve Line

    Private Reserve Line

    Get a pre-approved credit line to avoid costly overdraft protection fees. You can also use the funds for any purpose, and only pay interest on what is used.

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  • Home Equity Loan / Home Improvement Loan

    Home Equity Loan / Home Improvement Loan

    Whether it's lavish dreams or practical needs, utilize your home equity for a low-rate loan. Funds can be used for any purpose, and interest is typically tax deductible.*

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  • Home Equity Line of Credit

    Home Equity Line of Credit

    A variable rate HELOC lets you access funds as needed. Only pay interest if you use the funds, and only on the amount you use. Re-access as needed without re-applying.

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  • Visa Credit Cards

    Visa Credit Cards

    Everyone deserves financial flexibility. We offer a low-rate Visa® card with no annual fee. Plus a Secured Visa Card that is perfect to build or repair credit.

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  • Visa Gift Cards

    Visa Gift Cards

    Everyone is easy to shop for when you give them a Visa® gift card. They can get whatever they want, from wherever they want. And the big "thank you" goes to you.

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